Commutating Chokes / Reactors 

PE 8001

Choke/Reactors are used in VFDs in order to eliminate harmonics inside the system. Harmonics cause unwanted heating of transformers and conductors in VFDs.

Salient features of Chokes / Reactors

  • Reduction of mains harmonics
  • Reduction of commutation notches
  • Protection of motor drive electronics
  • Limitation of inrush currents
  • Improvement of true power factor
Item Code Ratio VA Accuracy
Dim in mm
PE 8001-01 10 200X150X180
PE 8001-02 25 240X165X210
PE 8001-03 50 300X200X250
PE 8001-04 100 400X250X350

All dimension are in (mm) and are maximum overall dimension.